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Mrs. Brown's Books


Linda (better known by hundreds of former students as Mrs. Brown) loved to read, and could frequently be found diving into a new book in her spare time. Even more than on her own, she loved reading with her kids, grandkids, and students, and opening up their eyes to new stories, new imaginative worlds, and new lessons.


She saw the importance of learning from every experience and seeking out teachable opportunities. It’s impossible to count the number of lives she shaped for the better, in and out of the classroom, by intentionally sharing her insight with others and modeling these lessons through her life well lived. She had a passion for reading and, as a principal and teacher for 35 years and a founder of two schools, an equal passion for schools and education. 

When she passed away in June 2021 after a fierce eight year battle with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer, we as her family knew that we needed to carry on her legacy and the impact that she so tangibly had on so, so many. She would love that we are expanding her ripple effect through donating books to schools… which includes the book you opened to find this link. As you walk forward, here are a few lessons from Linda that we hope will bless you and inspire you to live as she lived.


  1. Be the bigger person.

  2. Create spaces for others to thrive.

  3. Seek God first in all that you do.

  4. Advocate for others, especially those who are more often overlooked.

  5. Invest in others even through your own time of need.

  6. Get outside on those beautiful blue sky days.

  7. Enjoy a nice hot chai latte from Starbucks.


Do these and think of her, she’d like that... and always keep reading.



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