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Hi, I'm Melissa!

Lemme introduce myself

  • I am the middle sister between two brothers, raised in an incredible Messianic Jewish family and community.

  • I am an advocate for those with disabilities and for the Down Syndrome community.

  • I am an aunt to the two sweetest kids around.

  • I am a Project Administrator for an Architecture and Construction Firm.

  • I was an Elementary Special Education teacher for seven years before switching careers.

  • I am Executive Secretary for a national Messianic Jewish non-profit organization.

  • I am a Children's Book Author.

  • ... and I'm a Podcast Host!

A few things that I love are...

  • Connecting with people

  • Encouraging others to grow to be their best selves

  • Engaging in authentic and deep conversations

  • Advocating for those with special needs

  • Spending quality time with my friends and family

  • Drinking a lot of delicious iced coffee

  • Gazing at vivid red and pink sunsets

  • Exploring in nature, preferably by a beautiful body of water.

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