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The podcast where we share life stories about faith, grief, & personal growth.

... and always with passion, vulnerability, & iced coffee.

In this podcast, I'll help you grow in your relationship with God, understand & navigate grief & loss, support your people well, & become more confident & content in who you are.

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vulnerable conversations

Prioritizing your relationship with the Lord and your relationships with your people while you pursue growth in yourself can be a lot to navigate, and then throw in processing through grief and loss… it can be incredibly overwhelming. I completely understand because I’m continually walking it myself. It can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day and not the right words to say to balance it all. That’s where this podcast has all your questions covered.


Do you want to listen but can't remember when new episodes come out?

Hey, I 'm Melissa


I’m your tall, curly haired, iced coffee obsessed friend who loves blues skies, warm weather, and deep conversations. I’m a project administrator, teacher, podcaster, event coordinator, author, and advocate. My heart has always been to hear the stories of why people are who they are, so I created the podcast to share these conversations with my people.


When grief hit me square in the face when my incredible mom passed away from cancer, it felt impossible not to use this platform to talk about her and about grief. As I’ve had countless conversations about grief on and off of the podcast, it’s become clear that I’m not the only one who wants (and needs) to understand and navigate grief.


My guess is that you are asking the questions this podcast answers… and some you didn’t even know to ask. Consider me your conversation leader as I talk with my friends in this space with the goal of providing you with more tools for all the things. I love asking questions that allow for honest vulnerability and deeper awareness.


I’m here to passionately and lovingly help you move forward in your personal growth, your faith, your relationships, and your grief journey.

As we share conversations about faith, grief, relationships, and personal growth, you can rest assured that you are           here.


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